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To clear out my Steam backlog, I’m playing games I haven’t played on Steam before. Today is something a bit different. My wife bought me a couple gift cards so I took advantage of the Steam Sale and bought something since I had a balance to spend. Merry Christmas!

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

Time Played: 41 minutes

Done?: Nope. Definitely will play again.

Source: Steam

I have a weird thing for games that are punishingly difficult. I’ve watched this played on a few sites that I follow. Once I saw a mistake lead to being flung back down the mountain to the beginning, I was sold. The odd control scheme only sweetened the deal. Since I’ve played a couple of Bennett Foddy’s other games QWOP and GIRP, I knew I was in for something I’d enjoy.

Here we go

You control a shirtless man who is stuck inside a pot. You are left to move in a side view environment which is revealed to be a mountain. He only has a sledge hammer to help propel him up a mountain of obstacles. You move the mouse in a circular motion to swing the hammer around your body. Up and down moves the hammer’s closer and farther away to the center of the body. For the most part you are using leverage on the obstacles to propel yourself up and around.


You probably have to see it in motion to really understand, so here’s Austin Walker Editor-in-Chief of Waypoint playing the game.

I could keep playing this game for hours, but I have other games to play and real life to deal with. This is something I can see myself revisiting every once and awhile like I do with Super Hexagon. Goodbye man in pot, see you soon!

Pogo position

Rocking Basscss