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Apr 8 2017


A 2D space rougelike made in Unity. I’m employing a development methodology I haven’t really fully embraced in game development, Model-View-Controller. Though with the way Unity objects are component based, it’s a little more like a Passive View. Basic idea is the simulation is happening in the model with controllers attached to and updating the view (GameObject). This has drawbacks, for instance, I can’t rely on Unity’s physics engine. But this game feels more stable and organized at an earlier stage than most games I’ve made in Unity.

The game controls like a twin stick shooter and is currently only designed for a gamepad, though I am using a custom InputManager that should make it easier to adapt to other control schemes.

Your ship will have primary and secondary fire with many different weapon types. You will need to use a claw arm to retrieve items that drop from enemies and other objects. Each run will generate a new Universe with systems that are procedurely generated. Scattered throughout are alien artifacts that have an unique ability. Artifacts will have different effects from run to run so you never know what will happen when you activate it.




I’m experimenting with Unreal and exploring the way to create a Souls-like game. For this, I’m using a small part of my existing Progression universe. It takes place in the city of Utopia, the world’s first fully Smart city. Designed to be completely built and managed by a central AI. It was taught by feeding in a corpus of the lifetime of the greatest cities in the world. Things went very wrong with this city because, of course they did. You wake up in a biomass reorganizer having just had a body created for you within the city boundries.

As you step out you turn to see a battle has taken place. Metallic remains of mechanical beings are scattered in front of you. Soldiers lay fallen all around the biomass reorganizer. One soldier has his hand on the control pad of the biomass reorganizer. Were these enemies? Were they friends? Is your old body lying in this mess somewhere? You can’t remember but that doesn’t matter now. Your purpose is clear, you must navigate the broken city and get to the tower at the heart of the city that is the home of the central AI.


Target system similar to “Dark Souls”

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