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Apr 8 2017

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Hi, I’m Dan Dias. I make games, applications and tools.

Over the years I’ve self-studied many different aspects of programming, digital art, web design, etc. I love learning new topics and solving problems. In 2011 I graduated DeVry with a degree in Game and Simulation Programming. Below are the projects I’m especially proud of. If you’re brave, feel free to browse my Experiments which are less organized.


For some time I participated in a community of game developers that sprouted up around CraftStudio. It was a cool project that allowed us to collaborate in real time while making games. I even hosted a community game jam. During that time Micah Vincent, Paul Kamma and I decided to get together to make a Minecraft themed game when Élisée and crew went to MineCon 2012. Minematcher was born. Go play it. Or watch gameplay down below:

Harsh Planet

This project was a testing ground for two game development tools for Unity my friend and I worked on. The first, CraftMaster, is a configurable crafting system plugin. The second, EventMaster, was an event system based off Elan Ruskin’s GDC talk on Dynamic Dialog. You can find out more about this project at harshpla.net.

Rocking Basscss