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Apr 8 2017

Why relaunch?

This is a relaunch of my blog and portfolio. I originally had it hosted on Wordpress. This always bugged me. I’m someone who likes to play around with stuff and Wordpress was less open.

Enter JAMStack

One day, I discovered JAMStack. The concept appealed to me. While this blog isn’t directly a JAMStack project (so far), researching it led me to projects that are compatible. Hexo seems to be the one that wins out.

AWS hosted

This switch also gives me an opportunity to learn my hosting service of choice, AWS. I picked AWS for three reasons. The first is it’s simple to host a static site from an S3 bucket. Second, should I decide to play around with some application-like behavior on here, Lambda offers a good solution to build APIs; I’ve already done some work with it in creating my Alexa Skill, The Collector. Lastly, the company I work for has been transitioning to AWS for their products, I support the products, learning more about AWS helps!


I want this to be a place where I explore neat ideas, share lessons learned and announce new things.

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